Our Development Methodology:

Negits Solutions has embraced the Agile software development methodology to become one of the pioneer of this increasingly popular software development service.

Gone are the days of multi-year multi-million dollar SW systems. We need to change the traditional water fall way of software development so that we can get things done faster and out into the market quicker. What we are seeing is in response to the Agile Development.

Growing need for quicker and adaptive solutions to tech problems is pushing firms to adopt the agile method of coding more and more.

Negits Solutions is right now working on a product that involves Continuous Delivery aiming to make software production-ready throughout its lifecycle, so that potentially every good build can be released into production.

Our Aim is to minimize the cycle time from idea to delivery and allow the cycle to be repeated frequently and reliably.
Agile projects are three times more successful than traditional waterfall projects; positioning Negits Solutions perfectly to deliver unsurpassed business value to clients around the world.

Negits Solutions uses Continuous Integration as a central methodology to deliver products. This alleviates the tracking of product evolution through live and current representation of the progress made. To ensure that our customers can achieve the maximum benefit from their development goals with Negits Solutions, we have adopted the use of agile practices in our Product development process.

"Improve your product development process by leveraging Negits Solutions’
 proven Agile methodologies and strong process driven approach to Software development”